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There are 10 basic, yet critical, questions every organization ought to ask itself before implementing an Information Management system.

Here are the questions.

We've got answers!

1. Do we need an Information Management System in the first place?

A Feasibility Study determines if an Information Management System will benefit your organization. Confirming that an Information Management System will be a useful tool to your business (therefore, feasible) is not always obvious.

2. How will an Information Management System benefit my organization?

A Benefits Analysis details how an Information Management System could support your organization's goals by selecting important business processes and contrasting how they are performed today with what they would look like with the support of an Information Management System.

3. What will it cost to implement an Information Management System?

A Total Cost of Ownership Estimate includes software license cost estimates, additional hardware that may be required, training for users and technical personnel, the import of existing business documents and other capital expenditures. Annual maintenance and operational cost estimates are also determined.

4. How will an Information Management System change the way we work?

A Process Analysis provides pictorial and descriptive maps of your current and desired process flows and details the business rules ….how an Information Management System would help your organization meet its operational goals.

5.What business information will need to be entered into an Information Management System?

A Data Model documents the critical informational elements that will need to be available in the Information Management System such as employee, client and supplier lists and file folder structures.

6. How will the information flow within an Information Management System?

An Information Architecture Design combines Data Model and Process Analysis information and adds the next level of detail required for configuring an Information Management System in support of your organization's mission.

7. What is the best way to buy an Information Management System?

A Specifications Document includes the functional and technical environment the Information Management System needs to support and forms the core component of a request for proposal document.

8. Which Information Management Systems will meet my organization's needs?

A Market Survey of Information Management System products will confirm that products do exist that meet your organization's needs. Additional vendor information may be received through product demonstrations, white papers and so on.

9. What computing infrastructure is needed to implement an Information Management system?

An Infrastructure Inventory compares the computing infrastructure required for implementing an Information Management System with your organization's existing and planned Information Technology (IT) environment and specifies what equipment may be required before implementing an Information Management System.

10. What are the steps for an Information Management System implementation?

A High-Level Implementation Plan identifies overall timelines, required resources, milestones, major tasks, estimated task durations and common risks and forms the basis of a detailed Project Management Plan.

* What if you already have all the answers?

Any one who says that they have all the answers likely doesn't. Zweig Associates can help you find answers to many of your Information Management questions.

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